Monday, 31 December 2007

Xenophobia, Racism, and Antiracist Hysteria

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female”, declared the Apostle Paul, some 2000 years ago; but to this day, few have taken notice of him. The bitter truth is that people love their racism. 

What is racism? Basically, racism means any distinction based on race or ethnic origin that results in the persecution or the restriction of human rights of groups that are discriminated against. 

The racist ideology or, rather, pathology, is abhorrent and condemnable under any circumstances and excuses. Unfortunately, there are still more subtle forms of racism, as e.g. against women - in certain cultures and religions more than in other ones - racism against old people, disabled people, the poor, the ugly, and even racism against people living in a particular locality of the same country. 
However, xenophobia, which is usually a reaction to mass and uncontrolled immigration, is not exactly racism, at least it is not the worse expression of racism. This is my opinion, anyway.

Xenophobia is an age-old universal phenomenon, as it stems from man’s basic animal instincts and/or simply from pure common sense. It has to do with the powerful instinct of self-preservation...

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Christianity’s slavish attitude

How many practicing Christians are conscious that their attitude towards God is one of slavery, beggary, pitifulness and unworthiness? By feeling totally inadequate and appealing to God as ‘Lord’, thereby reducing oneself to the status of a ‘servant’ – ‘doulos’ (slave) in the Greek N.T. – is not exactly an indication of humility before the Almighty. It is rather a symptom of helplessness and defeatism such as a slave feels towards a cruel master. 

In the liturgical texts of traditional Christian denominations, the phrase “Lord have mercy” appears innumerous times. “Lord have mercy”, plead the Catholics and the Protestants after every other phrase that is uttered during their liturgical services.
But even if that were the right way to be absolved from the guilt of sin, pleading once would be adequate. An over and over parroting repetition of the same request is unintelligent and hence useless. On the other hand, by reminding God some verses from the Bible, supposedly being his own words, in order to oblige him to show mercy is an attitude of distrust and doubt of his kindness.

Instead of getting on with working to put right what we have done, or has gone, wrong, whenever this is possible, Christians endlessly cry for Mercy! Mercy for what? Mercy to avoid the consequences of...

Saturday, 8 December 2007

The Bankrupt Educational System

In the era we live in – an era of bankruptcy of ideas, principles and values – the educational system has been the first to be infected by the lethal virus of confusion as to what is right and wrong, logical or absurd, beneficial or harmful for individuals and society as a whole. 

Contemporary educational system is the great patient of our day, whether we admit it or not. And because our educational system is ailing, society is critically ill. 

The question now is: who is going to cure whom and how? One patient cannot heal another patient. How could a corrupt state transform a corrupt educational system? The puzzle is like the chicken and the egg. A sick chicken (state) cannot bear a healthy egg (educational system), and vice versa…
Any enlightened and wise individuals that might exist have been unfairly pushed into obscurity, as their words, sharp as a sword, are threatening to the corrupt political, economic and religious establishment of their country.

Instinctively, however, governments know that an effective educational system is a prerequisite for a just, orderly and affluent society, and occasionally make some feeble attempts towards its reformation and restructuring through new legislation and by diverting more money into the budget of the Ministry of Education. But alas, it is all in vain! Neither laws nor money can save the great patient…