Monday, 7 April 2008

The Betrayal of the Olympic Spirit

If we want to be true to ourselves, we must admit that the modern aggressively commercialized Olympic Games have blatantly and in many different ways betrayed the beauty, the greatness and the trueness of the ancient Olympic Spirit. 

The fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter, i.e. “The preservation of human dignity” and “Respect for universal fundamental ethical principles” have been systematically violated. Never mind that every four years the awe-inspiring Olympic Anthem is performed in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the authentic ancient Olympic Spirit is lost and needs an alarm for global ethical awakening in order to be revived…

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Dangerous Lunacy of Christian “Rapture”

When you feel the need to laugh out loud for therapeutic purpose, you don’t always have to watch a comedy show. Instead, you may visit an Internet ‘Christian’ kindergarten, i.e. a forum where the “elect” are conversing about their imminent so-called ‘Rapture’ by Christ. 
To be precise, this much-awaited illusive Rapture was “imminent" even in the days of the Apostle Paul, but it has not turned up yet! 
All the same, the Bible-thumbers are not discouraged, and continue to look forward to their miraculous lifting off to heaven. This hilarious doctrine is especially popular in the United States, where every wind of doctrine finds fertile ground and all god-mongers become millionaires, thanks to the gullibility of many American people.

Over the years I have been seriously trying to explain how so many otherwise intelligent people can become victims of religious brainwashing...