Thursday, 13 March 2008

Neale D. Walsch’s “Happier than God” Recipe

At last! Someone found the magic formula for us! If you ever had the wild ambition to be happier than God, now is your chance. 
Neale Donald Walsch will show you the way, i.e. how to chase a chimera! 
On the 26th of February 2008, when I opened my e-mail inbox I found a message from N. D. Walsch announcing his newest book with the sacrilegious and provocative title, “Happier than God”. 
On the subject line it read: “My New Book Just Released. Buy Now with Free Gifts”
I confess to you that the very title stirred up negative feelings in me. 

“Oh, no!” I thought. “Not another Godmongering title by the same author!” 
He had better recommend his book to someone who is suffering from a terminal disease,...