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The Dangerous Lunacy of Christian “Rapture”

When you feel the need to laugh out loud for therapeutic purpose, you don’t always have to watch a comedy show. Instead, you may visit an Internet ‘Christian’ kindergarten, i.e. a forum where the “elect” are conversing about their imminent so-called ‘Rapture’ by Christ. 
To be precise, this much-awaited illusive Rapture was “imminent" even in the days of the Apostle Paul, but it has not turned up yet! 
All the same, the Bible-thumbers are not discouraged, and continue to look forward to their miraculous lifting off to heaven. This hilarious doctrine is especially popular in the United States, where every wind of doctrine finds fertile ground and all god-mongers become millionaires, thanks to the gullibility of many American people.

Over the years I have been seriously trying to explain how so many otherwise intelligent people can become victims of religious brainwashing...
to the point of completely losing the ability for logical thinking.

Is, then, human brain so vulnerable to external influences? Would psychologists ever find a lasting cure for religious schizophrenia? Of course, the cunning rulers of this world will never sponsor such research, as they are the first to benefit from popular religious utopias.

Unfortunately, good people, instead of actively exposing and criticizing the warmongering and corruption-promoting policies of their political leadership, are preoccupied with splitting Biblical hairs, while fantasizing about heaven and hell and entertaining far fetched dreams as is the so called Rapture.

Instead of trying to hamper the ever extending ‘hell on earth’ by becoming activists of virtue and peace, self-proclaimed Christians are busy speculating about God’s much-delayed but seemingly imminent wrath against the wicked, and about their own sure escape of that wrath.

But this article has the intention of making the reader laugh, and so I shall quote some tragicomic and ultra revealing ‘gems’ that I found in the Internet concerning the ‘rapture’. Here we are then:

“With radical Islam preparing for a nuclear attack on New York City, the 'Rapture' of the church may be rapidly approaching” (By Mark Lawrence - Update: Dec. 31, 2007 -

Strange enough, the writer implies that radical Islam is going to be the instrument of God’s wrath against America! And while this dreadful scenario is not unrealistic, Mark Lawrence is unrealistically certain about the ‘Rapture’ of the “elect” before this disaster! He wonders, though, how those left behind would react when they wake up one morning and find out that their spouse has disappeared from their bed, or a family member is missing from the house!

He asks: “What happens to people who don't escape God's judgement on the world, who are stuck on Earth for the period of Tribulation? Who wake up one morning and discover that people are missing?”

See what I mean? To have a dear one ‘kidnapped’ by Christ is a serious matter. Never mind that our missing beloved is somewhere in heaven enjoying him/herself, one can’t help grieving over the sudden loss. The grief becomes unbearable if those who have been 'raptured' had forgotten to make their will!

Can you imagine the drama of those left behind? Indeed, the above-mentioned writer, sure about his own ‘holiness’, continues speculating about those unfortunate ones: “Obviously, they have to take part in it (i.e. the Tribulation). These are the unbelievers and Christians of half-hearted faith who finally repent and turn away from wickedness and profess full love and faith in God during the time of Tribulation. This group must cope with the rule of the infamous Anti-Christ and refuse to worship him or his image, and refuse 'the mark' that enables people to buy and sell under the Anti-Christ's temporary new world order.”

Apparently, the Christians who will refuse to take “the mark of the Beast” shall have to live on fresh (polluted) air, i.e. to suffer an absolute fast, since they won’t be able to buy any food! Eventually, they, too, will soon escape the ‘Tribulation’ as they will die from starvation. This is another kind of ‘salvation’ deserved by Christ for the second-class faithful ones!

Christian fundamentalists believe that all the above-mentioned dreadful events, and other much worse, will soon start happening, as if the New World (dis)Order were not already present on earth for the last 20 years…
As if the peoples of the world were not already suffering – one way or another – under the subtle authoritarian policies of a well-masked ‘Anti-Christ’…
As if the aggressive globalization perpetrated by the ruling class (plutocracy) of the crypto-imperialistic superpower and its satellite nations, and the terrorism it has provoked, had not caused much pain to the world already…
As if this ‘Antichrist’ - wolf in sheep’s skin - were not overtly or covertly constantly stirring up conflicts around the world for the purpose of placing new military bases on strategic places, selling its superseded armaments to poor countries, exploiting foreign resources, and controlling bewildered nations, great and small…
As if this ‘Antichrist’, in the name of the illusive N.W.O., had not already waged many a bloody war against whosoever did not bow low enough before its supremacy, i.e. against those who dared to disclose and denounce the schemes of the “divide and rule” satanic doctrine of the single – for the time being – superpower…

But the dangerously deceived writer-blogger goes even further! He considers anyone who strives for peace on earth as an enemy of Christ! Here is what he says: “Rick Warren vs. Jesus Christ: Of course, don't ask mega-church preachers like Rick Warren, author of the 30 million copy bestseller, ‘The Purpose Driven Life’, who I believe is playing a major role in the end times apostasy of Christianity. Why is it that Rick Warren is pushing a plan for global peace, when Jesus Christ on the other hand promises global wrath? In the words of Jesus Christ, Rick Warren's global peace plan is destined to fail. 
Man will never have global peace, and Jesus made that pretty clear. It's strange that Rick Warren thinks he can bring peace to the nations, when this world is fast approaching God's wrath, the beginning of the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Christ – prophesied throughout the Bible.”

Can you see now who are the enemies of peace, besides the “Antichrist”? The ultra deceived “Christians”, yea, the mentally retarded Bible-thumbers themselves! They never understood the very words of Jesus, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).

They want bloody wars, in order to facilitate the “wrath of God”! So, according to their degenerate minds, Dick Warren, who promotes a plan for global peace, is an enemy of Christ, for he postpones his “Second Coming”! Now how do you deal with such schizophrenics? Do you simply laugh at them? I wish I could… But I furious! I am angry against all those who use religious books to perpetrate and justify bloody wars. And the deluded blogger continues: “According to Paul, when the world is saying ‘Peace and security’, sudden destruction hits... however as then stated by Paul, believers in Christ are not 'appointed' to this wrath, which comes upon the world and starts the Tribulation…”

Wow! Behold! The Christian hypocrites – ‘saved’ by the blood of Jesus, if you please – are not subject to the wrath of God! They won’t be here on earth to suffer when the ‘great tribulation’ comes! They will have been ‘raptured’ by Jesus before it occurs! At last!

If you had ever wondered how Christians apply to their lives the great commandment of their ‘savior’, namely “Love one another”, now you know… Oh, no! It has never occurred to them to say to their God, “Listen, Lord, I don’t deserve to be raptured ‘upstairs’ and escape the ‘great tribulation’; I don’t feel I am that holy, anyway, as I am also guilty of many sins, both by commission and by omission. I prefer to stay down here on earth and strive for peace.
 I want to be by the side of fellow human beings, helping them in binding their wounds, and praying for them and with them, that the hour of darkness which mankind is bringing upon itself, may not last long. 
I want to remain on earth, in order to build up with my efforts and prayers a ‘hedge’ around the people so that they may endure in the day of tribulation, as indeed you expect the true prophets to do. (Ezek.13: 5) 
I want to be that person who, together with others, will stand in the gap before you and make up the hedge, so that you should not destroy humanity.” (Ezek. 22:30)

This is the kind of prayer any true Christian would naturally pray, instead of looking forward to the delusive ‘rapture’, which is never going to come anyway, and leave the ground free to the war-makers to plunge the world further into pain and suffering. For goodness sake! Even schizophrenics, like lunatic Christian fundamentalists, should be able to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong!

In conclusion, I ask the reader to forgive me for not making you laugh, as was initially my intention for writing this article. Forgive me also for the strong words I used to describe the deceived and ultra selfish “Christians” who rub their hands with glee, anticipating that elusive rapture, while the rest of the world will be entering the so-called great Tribulation…

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