Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Common Sense: The missing ingredient of our culture

There is no doubt that today all nations undergo an unprecedented unrest, violence, injustice and poverty, and people are plunged into fear, worrying about the dreadful "gifts" the future is speedily bringing upon them, due to man's rape of the environment and other self-destructive practices, in his endeavor to find happiness through the gratification of one's instincts and senses.

All this is stemming from man's confusion as to what is right and wrong, what is beneficial to individuals and what is harmful to them, and where true and lasting happiness is to be found. The once upon a time ethical values and principles that held families reasonably together are now questioned and often fought against vehemently.

In my opinion, the main reason for this chaotic and frightening situation to which we have arrived is the fact that human beings do not use their common sense, i.e. the basic function of our brain which would allow people to reasonably communicate with each other and societies to establish solidarity, abundance, peace, justice, law and order.We need look no further than common sense. And yes, we ought to judge the validity of attitudes and re-examine even age-old practices, whether political, religious or social, using our common sense.

Common sense means the reasoning that is common to all healthy minds; and it is only this common reasoning that could bring harmony to interrelationships, societies, nations and the world as a whole.
It is this common sense that will lead us to a universally acceptable morality, i.e. nearest to the absolute morality, which is indelibly written on man's conscience.

Instead of setting up one's own subjective morality, we should be seeking and conforming to the objective morality, i.e. to the universal age-old principles revealed to humanity through sages and philosophers - principles that are friendly to logic and common sense.

Old rusted religious and political beliefs that are partly responsible for today's chaotic situation in the world must be reviewed, modified or totally discarded. It is not easy, I know. But this is what humanity needs to do, if the world is to avert the worst that is coming...

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