Thursday, 29 November 2007

Messages Through Visions and Dreams

I very well know a lady, let us call her ‘Sofia’, who, at some point of her life, sincerely turned to God and consequently she had experienced a complete change of life, likes and dislikes. In the beginning of her transformation Sofia was a regular churchgoer, and she accepted as truth all that was preached by Evangelical ministers, although some of it halfheartedly. 

One thing that couldn’t easily go down her throat was the doctrine of Trinity and the worship of Jesus. She had a feeling that by worshipping Jesus as God through hymns she was committing a grave sin. She considered this as a direct violation of the first commandment and she wasn’t in peace when people in the Church prayed directly to Jesus. Needless to say, she did love Jesus and she wanted to follow his steps, but deep in her heart she would not accept him as equal to God. Yet, she had not found the courage to share it with anyone.

One night Sofia had a clear vision that carried a profound message with it. As she was asleep, her room was flooded with white light and Jesus with radiating countenance, dressed up in a white robe, came and stood by her bed. Sofia jumped out of bed and knelt down to kiss Jesus’ feet and worship him. But before she did what she intended to do, Jesus lifted her up with his hands and embraced her warmly, as two cordial friends would do. He smiled but said nothing to her, and in a few moments he disappeared from Sofia’s room as suddenly as he had appeared.

Soon afterwards an ugly monkey jumped on Sofia’s neck and grabbed her shoulders...
Sofia felt enormous pressure and weight on her back and shoulders, and in her spirit she perceived that this was a demon. She cried out to Jesus for help and deliverance. She prayed, “Dear Jesus, a few moments ago you were here! How did you allow this to happen? Please order this demon to depart from me!” Then Jesus spoke to her in no uncertain terms: “You must get rid of the demon without my help. You are able to do this. Do it now!” 
Sofia obeyed Jesus and with her right hand she grabbed the ugly dark monkey and threw it out of her first-floor bedroom window. To her amazement, the repulsive creature was light- weighted! As she was observing the ‘monkey’ making its way down, she saw that it was leaving behind a stream of dark fluid. When it reached the ground, it was crushed to small pieces and became a dirty and obnoxious dark mud.

As soon as this spiritual experience ended, Sofia woke up. Her heart was beating fast, but spiritually she was greatly uplifted and was feeling exhilarated. She knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she had a divine visitation! She stayed wide-awake for the rest of the night, trying to decode the messages from the vision she had, something that was easy. “Apparently Jesus does not want worship for himself. He is our friend, our spiritual brother, our great teacher, and all he wants is our love,” Sofia reasoned. 
Then, the other half of the vision was about how to get rid of one’s demons, i.e. one’s ‘crystallized’ ugly passions and addictions. The message of the vision was clear: We can do this by ourselves. We don’t even need Jesus’ help. We have the authority and the power inherent in us to deal and set ourselves free from evil ‘monkeys’ that have grabbed us.

Sofia’s next vision came a few weeks later, once again while she was asleep. She was looking through an enormous telescope that was reaching the sky. Suddenly a hole opened at the other end of the huge telescope, in the sky, and deeper at a great distance Sofia saw the illuminated picture of an angel of light, dressed up in a splendid white warrior’s suit, fighting with an angel of darkness dressed up in a black suit. The dark angel was bent backwards, as in defeat, but not yet defeated, while the white angel was pushing him down with his shining sword. The vision lasted a few seconds and then a curtain was swiftly drawn, as in a rapid succession of slides, and the scene was hidden.

Again Sofia woke up with rapid heart palpitations and she knew she had received another profound message: there is warfare going on in the spiritual realm! The benevolent angels seem to have the upper hand in their fight against the forces of darkness in the spirit world, but there is still much resistance. Sofia now knew that the fight between good and evil is not taking place only on earth but also in the spiritual realm. The question remained how the good earthly forces could assist the benevolent angels in their war against wickedness and vice versa. Sofia ought to participate in the warfare against wickedness daily.

A month, or so, later, Sofia had one more vision, this time a very disturbing one. While sleeping, she saw a great bright rainbow running across the sky. But the rainbow was broken in the middle! Then, directly opposite the broken part of the rainbow, Sofia saw an enormous nuclear gun, its cane facing the broken part of the rainbow. The earth was desolate, like burned, and Sofia ‘heard’ in her spirit that this was the result of a nuclear war. She was also given the names of the two neighboring countries where that war would start, before it would escalate globally.

Sofia woke up troubled in her spirit but she refused to accept this as an unchangeable prophecy for the future. She chose to keep praying that such a nuclear Third World War would never materialize and she promoted messages for world peace in any way she could. She believed that prophecies are not binding and that humanity has the duty and the power to avert the fulfillment of all catastrophic prophecies, no matter if they are Biblical or come from other sources.

After a year since her last of the three successive visions, Sofia’s mother died, at the age of seventy-one. Sofia, who had been earnestly praying for her mother when she was seriously ill, had promised her that God would heal her through her prayers – a promise that her beloved mother firmly believed, in spite of all evidence to the contrary and the doctors’ gloomy predictions.

When Sophia’s mother died, her ghost (energy) was coming to her dreams almost every night demanding her healing. Oh, it was a torturous experience for Sofia that went on for almost six months. At one time Sofia’s deceased mother appeared in her dream stiff and rigid as a zombie, trying to cross a border-line and come over to this life. Sofia was pushing her back, saying to her, “No mother, you cannot cross over now. You have left this life for good and you cannot return. Please move backwards from that line and stay there.”

This dream broke Sofia’s heart more that any other. She was also exhausted from lack of a peaceful sleep. One night Sofia went up on the roof of her house in desperation and she lifted up her hands to the bright starry sky. She prayed out loudly and earnestly saying, “God, please give peace to my beloved mother and stop her from coming in such a disturbing way to my dreams. I can’t take it any more. I am exhausted. Please help both of us!” The prayer was so warm and gut-felt that Sofia knew the answer there and then.

From that time Sofia’s mother never came back demanding healing or trying to cross over the borderline that separates the dead from the living. But occasionally she did come to Sofia’s dreams in a loving and peaceful way.

Through this painful experience Sofia was taught that one should not give false promises to a person near death. On the contrary, one should, if possible, prepare the person to gracefully accept the crossing over into the after life as a new birth, a mysterious emergence into the spiritual realm.

Months later, when Sofia was studying the Bible and was struggling to reconcile contradicting passages, being greatly disturbed in her spirit with some unholy verses she found in what Christians professed to be “the infallible Word of God”, Sofia’s beloved mother came to her rescue. One night she appeared in her dream saying, “Don’t listen to the Bible my dear Sofia!”
However, Sofia was not ready yet to accept her mother’s advice. So, she rebuked her, something that she regrets to this day. It took one more year’s meticulous study of the Bible for Sofia to make her own conclusions and realize that her mother was right, before she boldly declared that not all the Bible is God inspired.

Seven years after her mother’s death, Sofia’s father died at the age of eighty-nine. He died peacefully in his sleep. Five days later, he came to Sofia’s dream asking her: “My daughter, please tell me, am I dead now or am I still alive?” Immediately Sofia woke up shaking, and so she had no chance to answer her beloved father’s question. However, she understood that shortly after death the soul might not be completely aware of what has happened to her. The soul probably feels lost and disoriented and needs help through the prayers of the living in order to find its way to the Light.

Eight years later Sofia’s beloved brother died suddenly of a heart attack, at the age of fifty-six, a loss that devastated sensitive Sofia more than the death of her parents. He had left a debt to a cousin, which, a year later, the cousin’s wife started claiming back from the poor widow of Sofia’s brother. When Sofia heard about this debt, she immediately called that cousin and gave him the full amount of money he had lent to her brother. Two days later, her deceased brother came to her dream and kissed her on her cheek saying, “You are a good sister!” The brother’s kiss was so warm and loud that woke Sofia up on the spot, with the usual heart palpitations. It was apparent that Sofia’s deceased brother was burdened with his unpaid debt and was greatly relieved when the debt was paid.

Sofia by now was able to distinguish whether a dream involving a dead person was coming from direct contact with the conscious energy of the deceased or if it was fabricated by her subconscious mind. In the former case she always felt strongly the presence of the deceased soul’s energy and woke up with fast heart palpitations. In the latter case she only recalled the dream in the morning, when she woke up, and this very vaguely. In the former case there was a clear message, request, instruction or question. In the latter case she could hardly explain what the dream meant.

 It is worth mentioning here that Sofia never tried to initiate a contact with the dead through a medium or spiritualistic circles. She knew that this disturbs the soul’s peace and so she abstained even from the thought of experimenting with spiritualism.

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